Week 2 FFB Recap: Better Late than Never

FFB Week 2 Me

The title to this post is appropriate for 2 reasons, 1) I slacked on doing this post until late this week 2) I need my team to start winning. So far, both weeks have left me with hope going into Monday night and both weeks have finished with disappointment.

Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to my team on Sunday. As for some prodding from a coupe from the BillsMafia led me to buy tickets to attend the Bills game, and well we all know what transpired over the week. So, it was blast to go to the game and all the good feelings and optimism from Terry buying the team. Frankly, as an Eagle’s Fan (yeah, I said it) I couldn’t of been happier to go in a 26 shirts’ t-shirt and cheer for the Bills against the Dolphins. It’s hard not to route for a team in my hometown and see all of you suffer for so long. I want them to win for you, cause I love Buffalo!

So getting back to this fantasy football thingy; I was down by 30 going into Monday night with 1 player left. Oh for icing on the cake it was Andrew Luck, great the usual FFB dilemma that comes up at least a couple times a year. For the ones that follow me on Twitter, I was going with the hashtag #NoDefense leading into the game in hopes of 2 victories. But because the football gods somewhat hate me the Colts went with more of a running attack and Andrew Luck was mediocre. leading to my second straight defeat. Ugh

So far, I’m 0-2 and still in playoff position in 6th place and I’m hoping to circle the wagons on the internet. Oh and this one guy “Show Me Your TD’s” is leading the group at 2-0 by  12 points. And screw that guy, but the name is pretty awesome!

Week 2 overall


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