Don’t Toss That Fitz’ Jersey Just Yet!

Yeah that's the one - Via Amazon

Yeah that’s the one – Via Amazon

What to do? What to do? 

Three years ago, I saw that new Nike jersey that was being sold, and like many people was enamored at how it looked. I’ve always loved that Blue Jersey, and while I own a stitched White Marcel Dareus Reebok jersey. The effect is never the same. Those beautiful home blue’s have had me ever since my first Bills Game.

I, of course made the impulse purchase of a Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey. I know, “how could you ask?” Well hell, he was hot at the time and the Bills seemed to rally around him, not to mention the fact he had just beaten the Patriots! Throw in that I paid 50 bucks for a real Nike jersey, and it was too good of a deal to pass up!

It’s was hard not to admire and even like the guy, but as the season waned and the reality set in. I knew that jersey was headed to Goodwill.

Enter Sammy Watkins!!!! The Bills moved up in the draft and snagged the Clemson receiver, and low and behold he picks the number fourteen to wear! I mean seriously? What a break, if somehow I can get the nameplate switched for under fifty dollars, then I’m breaking even!

Westside To The Rescue

For years I have stopped in at San-Bor sports on Grant St., they’ve even handled lettering for a few jerseys I own. (Side note: contrary to what your wife or girlfriend says, you can never have too many) They’re a Westside fixture, that’s been at its current location for over 40 years.

I arrived with Fitz in tow, and set it on the counter. “How much to turn this into a Watkins jersey” I asked. The gentleman at the counter sized it up, grabbed a sheet of paper that looked like some old-time order form. “Royal Blue” he mumbled to no one in particular, “White lettering” he said as he looked up at me. “When do you need it by?” he asked. “Hopefully before Sunday?” I prayed.

“Twenty Five Dollars” he said.


As if church bells and trumpets went off, “Really twenty-five bucks?” I said. “Yeah no problem, I should even get it to you by Saturday” he said. Now that made my day, we even talked some sports after that. Little bit about Pegula and the Bills, and I was on my way.

Honestly I would have hugged and maybe even kissed the guy, but that would be too much for a Westside sporting goods store. Couldn’t lose my street cred though!  😉

If you wanna visit the staff at San-Bor sports, their located at 116 Grant St. Buffalo, New York 14201. Their phone number is (716) 881-5922. They also sell shoes, hats, jerseys, and other sports related items. Stop in and say hi! Also included is the link to there Facebook page –




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