Week 1: Is It Week Two Yet!



Hey everyone and welcome to my recap of Do Something EJ’s week one performance.

I walked into week one full of the same hope that all 32 teams in NFL walk in with. However it was a tough week for me and the Chicago Bears. I watched in horror as the points stacked up against me and in the end was just too much to overcome!

The early game on Thursday, Green Bay vs. Seattle really put the nails in my Week 1 coffin. My Seattle defense had a hand in that beating. However the Cowboys were a plane crash mixed  with a bit of  a earthquake! What I’m getting at is it was a disaster! That would have been helpful to us during our 93 and 94 seasons. In the end Matt Ryan pushed me into my grave, with his big time week. Looks like it’s time to axe a few early stinkers and start looking for replacements.

Walking into Monday Night I needed God himself to save my week! His name would have been Calvin Johnson but, alas I don’t own him. It turned out Matt Stafford would be able to recoup some of the 106 point deficit I walked in to Monday night with, but even with his amazing performance I lost big!

Why do 33 million fans add the extra aggravation to their season? My reasons are the added competition with coworkers that does not involve the shop. Talking some much needed smack to my little brothers in Indiana who I rarely see. Hearing from shipmates and friends in California that can never understand why I keep at least one Bill on the rooster. Whew, thanks for the points C.J. And a surprising perk was to watch my girlfriend get mad at Larry Fitzgerald for the first time. Now that was Priceless.




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