Hey Buffalo, Let’s Make “Pegula Day” Really Happen!

Ready for this Sunday's home Opener!

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We’ve all heard the great news at this point: Terry Pegula is buying the Bills! Which makes Uncle Terry a Buffalo hero. Not only did he slay the formidable Trump Dragon, but he chased those silly Rogers folks out of our town with their tails between their legs.

Okay, so maybe the bidding process wasn’t quite that dramatic, but in many Buffalonians’ minds it might as well have been. We’ve been stressing for nearly six long months… who will buy the Bills? what about the stadium? will the the new owner keep them here!? will the buyer be in #Buffalove? are they ready for the #BillsMafia!? do they know this city smells like Cheerios? No one else will ever love the Bills like we do!

If you haven’t already seen the infamous clip of Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Radcliffe discussing the Bills, you should watch it here. To sum it up in the words of Jimmy Kimmel: “If the Bills go to Toronto, we’re going to war with Canada”.

I don’t think the rest of the country will ever understand how true those words were… Have you seen Canadian Bacon with John Candy? It’s not that we don’t love our Canadian neighbors and appreciate their fandom, but well, the Bills belong here. Period. I can assure you that there were more than a few good men and women fully-prepared to march into Toronto to bring our boys home if need be. Those same folks are out celebrating tonight – at The Big Tree Inn, at Amherst Alehouse, at O’Neil’s, at Tailgaters, at Anchor Bar, at Duff’s, and many more.

Thanks again Ralph! - Photo via www.buffalonews.com

Thanks again Ralph! – Photo via http://www.buffalonews.com

The Buffalo Bills have been an integral part of this city since 1960 when The Honorable Mr. Wilson gave them life. They make our #Buffalovin’ hearts beat through the good times and the bad. From recessions and depressions to Superbowl losses, losing seasons, and O.J., our boys have been right there with us through both the city’s hard times and the team’s. The ritual of the Sunday game – whether spent at home, tailgating, in the bar, or in the Ralph – is sacred. Sundays in Buffalo bring together families, friends, strangers, and neighbors.

I’ll stop waxing poetic and cut to the chase: “Pegula Day” (as many have dubbed today) should be a real thing. A real, annual, thing. Something Mayor Brown officially declares as a city-wide celebration from now on.

Here’s Why:

1.) We are known for loving a good reason to celebrate. Our St. Partrick’s Days and Dynsgus Days are legendary. We have our own New Year’s Eve ball drop, and our “Taste of Buffalo” is the largest food fest in the nation. Heaven knows we love our “fests”. Even our annual Fair is one of the biggest in the country. We have the World’s Largest Disco. Heck, we even have the World’s Largest Garage Sale. Bottom line: Buffalo knows how to throw a party.

2.) You know what else we love? Sports and our sports teams. All of them. This is one serious sports town. We bring the 12th Man like no others. We are the best fans out there! (Also the drunkest according to this article, but hey, somebody has to be). So why haven’t we put those two things together yet? Why don’t we have a festival or day dedicated to our sports fans? What are we waiting for?

Fred Jackson Stiff Arms Bears Safety for 20 yards!

via wgrz.com

It could be magical! Just imagine a parade of sports fans all in jerseys and gear of all of our favorite teams… From the Sabres, Bills, and Bisons to the Gooners, Rugby Clubs, and local schools. Imagine a day that all Bills Backers and the #BillsMafia come together with Sabres fans and Bisons fans. A day when fans from around the country could come to party at home with us! A day to celebrate how much our city loves our teams, and how much heart we all put into it. A day to celebrate the fans!

The players could all come out – both alumni and current. There would be vendors selling sports memorabilia and tchotchkes. Fireworks and a parade! New Era could sponsor a fun family tent where kids get to play air hockey with Rob Ray and toss footballs around with Jim Kelly. Coaches and players giving interviews and telling great stories from the glory days. Marv. Bruce. Thurmon. Hasek. Kane.

Okay, okay. I’m drooling on myself a bit fantasizing this whole thing, but c’mon now, how fun would that be? How Buffalo would it be?! Obviously, we’d have to make it a Saturday each year… because we will all need at least a day to recuperate.

So why should we call it “Pegula Day” if it were to be bigger than just Pegula and the Bills? Easy…

1.) The man just dropped a BILLION dollars on us. New York State wanted us to be excited about their “Billion for Buffalo” and that’s our money anyway. This is his money, and Uncle Terry just used it to save our city from potential heartbreak. Uncle Terry should get naming rights to something for that. And well, it shouldn’t be to the Ralph because the Ralph should stay the Ralph for Ralph. Plus, there is just something about saying “the Ralph”. “The Terry” doesn’t have the right ring to it.

2.) This is also the second time he’s done this for us! Remember how excited we were when he bought the Sabres? Remember how he teared up talking about what a fan he’d been his whole life so we teared up and fell in #Buffalove with him? Remember the HarborCenter that he’s building? How it is bringing so many cool hockey-lovin’ perks with it? How we might even get to host a draft now? Yea, Pegula made that all happen.

Terry Pegula and Wife Kim

via buffalonews.com

Clearly, Uncle Terry gets it. He gets us – the fans. So if we were to really make this hypothetical day of sports fandom and Buffalo revelry really come to fruition, “Pegula Day” is the perfect name for such a fest. We wouldn’t have to fight over which sport or team was the most important to us. We’d be naming it after a true-blue Buffalo fan. A fan with as much heart as the rest of us – but conveniently a whole lot of cash too.

This was a fun post to write and I would love to see it actually happen! Terry Pegula has solidified himself as a Buffalo legend, but I think it is important to also note the other folks that worked hard behind the scenes to help keep the Bills here. Today was a victory for the fans! And we have a lot of folks to thank for it – from the Bills Fan Alliance and the Bills Mafia to political heavyweights and the Wilson family for making the right decision. 🙂



5 Comments on “Hey Buffalo, Let’s Make “Pegula Day” Really Happen!”

  1. joseph14209 September 9, 2014 at 10:10 pm #

    not so fast, business men and politicians are a lot alike, they lie and have a personal agenda of profit and ego. They care about themselves first and foremost, then spin the publics perception in their own favor. I’ve been a Bills fan my whole life, I have no #2 favorite team. I haven’t witnessed anything special with the sabres, just heard a lot of talk, You will have to earn my loyalty and praise. Lets see what you’re really made of,

    • buffalogrl25 September 9, 2014 at 10:19 pm #

      I can understand the “wait and see” approach and needing to earn your trust. I respect your thoughts and thank you for sharing, but I must say I respectfully disagree. I think he’s kept the Bills here, and has done some exciting things with the Sabres that are good for the City! But you’re right, only time will tell for either of us! One thing we can agree on is thank goodness it wasn’t Jovi! 🙂

  2. Tammy Goodemote September 9, 2014 at 10:34 pm #

    Buffalo is the city of Good Neighbors. Why not show our appreciation to the Pegula Family for being one of the best neighbor’s. Thank you for being who you are! !

    • buffalogrl25 September 9, 2014 at 10:37 pm #

      Thank you for your thoughts, Tammy! Very sweet. And I completely agree! They have been great neighbors. Classy people! 🙂

  3. buffalogrl25 September 10, 2014 at 10:24 am #

    Reblogged this on Buffalo Girl and commented:

    Great news for the Queen City: Mr. Pegula is buying the Buffalo Bills! Check out this fun post that I wrote for What’s Going On in Buffalo? suggesting how we should celebrate Nickel City-style. 😉

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