Then There Were 3!

Thanks again Ralph! - Photo via

Thanks again Ralph! – Photo via

So as it has been reported for quite a while, we have three bids coming in for the Buffalo Bills. We have been bombarded by reports of who the bidders will be and what their motives are for some time now. The coverage that it has drawn has turned a city squarely behind one man and squarely against another. If I need to utter either man’s name then I think you should recap this article – What The Hell Is This????? Oh Hell No Bon Jovi!.

So area's in WNY, took to banning Jon Bon Jovi! - Photo via

So area’s in WNY, took to banning Jon Bon Jovi! – Photo via

Some of the city is ashamed at the anti-Bon Jovi campaign that has led to signs, t-shirts, and just about all manner of things you could think of. The other half so polarized, they chased him away! I think it’s safe to say Jon won’t be playing a show anywhere near here for some time. Not that I cared, I wasn’t particularly a fan of his music anyway. One thing Bills fans should be worried about though is how this impacts the Toronto group that was interested in bidding on the Bills.

The lack of JBJ, if anything, strengthens their ability to bid on the Bills. They were very much hamstrung by the aging rocker as a primary bidder. The Rogers Group and Larry Tanenbaum, chairman of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, are worth much more collectively than JBJ. Add in the fact that the estimated net worth of JBJ was only 300 Million dollars, and that means his 30% majority stake maxes out at 1.1 billion. We all know that, in the end, that wouldn’t be enough.

This also opens the door to a war with Pegula and more money for the Wilson Trust, which is exactly what I think they wanted. The opening non-binding bids were, in my opinion, just a simple “What would be the most you would pay for the Bills?” and if first bids were any indication, the Bills were very undervalued by almost all the bidders. Initial amounts of 1.3 billion and 1.1 billion seem to be possible high water marks, while bids themselves were all below 900 million dollars. This is significantly less than the 987 million Jimmy Haslam paid for the Cleveland Browns in 2012. It may also represent another minor setback for the prestige of the NFL. Recently, they have been plagued by concussion issues, a large lawsuit by former players, and image problems stemming from domestic violence to substance abuse issues. This is no small matter as the NFL roundly expected the Bills to sell for well over a billion dollars based on the fact that they are one of the most powerful sports leagues in the world in addition to the simple fact that NFL franchises rarely go on the market.

Mary Wilson is Ralph C. Wilson's third wife. - Photo

Mary Wilson is Ralph C. Wilson’s third wife. – Photo

So it looks like the Wilson family will get their windfall from the sale of the Buffalo Bills, but since there is only the current lease that would keep them here for another 8 years, there is no certainty that they remain here for the long term. Terry Pegula has deep pockets, and anyone who is a Bills fan is betting big that Terry’s double down on Buffalo includes, perhaps, overpaying for a NFL Franchise.

Oh, and no need to talk about Trump. NFL owners would never in a million years allow him to be voted as a NFL owner. Too much bad blood over the USFL!

So the bids will be in by 5 o’clock today and a owner could be announced in a few weeks, with whomever they are being voted on at the Owner’s Meetings in early October. That all depends on the binding bids that will be coming in. All I can say is, as a Bills fan, I’m all in on T-Pegs!

Who do you think it will be when it’s all said and done? Vote in our online poll, and we will be posting the results in a few days!!




One Comment on “Then There Were 3!”

  1. buffalogrl25 September 9, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

    Terry all the way, baby!

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