Community Spirit and a Taste of Buffalo 400 Miles Away!

Photo courtesy of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern - Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern – Facebook page

From a historic building in Herndon, Virginia, about 20 miles west of the nation’s capital, an otherwise quiet part of town erupts with the sounds of cheers. Seconds later the “Shout Song,” the Buffalo Bills’ anthemic parody of the late 50s hit song by the Isley Brothers, echoes in the streets. It is not a typical afternoon in Northern Virginia, and this is not any ordinary dining establishment. What I am describing is, however, a typical NFL Sunday afternoon at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern — also known as JOTT, for short, or simply “Jimmy’s.”

The dining establishment is a popular destination for Buffalo expats. Here, one can order the Buffalo Platter, a large plate that includes chicken wings, a roast beef on weck sandwich with au jus, and cole slaw as well as your choice of fries or kielbasa and potato pierogi. Featuring many of the staples of a Western New Yorker’s diet, it is the most popular item on the menu.

Yet, the premises are a few hundred miles away from Buffalo, a fact that is often easy to forget once you are inside. On game days one is likely to hear all of their favorite Bills anthems and some blasts from the Buffalo past. Owner and affable Arcade, NY native James “Jimmy” Cirrito can often be found wielding a microphone, interacting with patrons and informing them about upcoming events. He personally “high fives” all fans after each Bills scoring drive. A gracious gray-bearded man affectionately known to most as “Uncle Dave” faithfully adorns the establishment with Bills memorabilia on game day mornings and often hands out sponge candy — a crunchy chocolate treat — at halftime. Beware though, if you’re looking to watch a different game while the Bills are on, you will be politely asked to go to the bar across the street as all TVs are tuned to Buffalo. (Note: I recall a small, old TV over the bar showing a Washington game once.)

Making room for more fans.

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