The Heat & The Honky Tonk Man

Me, Erik and the Honky Tonk Man!

Me (with the IC Belt), The Honky Tonk Man, and Erik W.!

It couldn’t really be much hotter yesterday. I mean, it could have been. Thank God it wasn’t though. The heat brought with it a chance for severe thunderstorms that rolled through the area after 9:30 and pummeled Buffalo throughout the night: Quite the backdrop for my meeting of the Honky Tonk Man at Sweet Jenny’s last night.

Sweet Jenny's new location at the Old Mill!

Sweet Jenny’s new location at the Old Mill!

It was rather poetic honestly as I had been given the chance to taste “Buffalo’s Best Ice Cream” and meet an iconic WWF Legend (Sorry WWE Fans, it’ll always be World Wrestling Federation to me), The Honky Tonk Man. With temperatures in the mid 80’s, it honestly was the hottest day since mid-June. Yes, I just said JUNE! I was in desperate need for something cold.

Now, I had always rooted against the HTM (we’re shortening it so my hand doesn’t cramp), and watched with amazing zeal when the Ultimate Warrior beat him at Wrestlemania V. This was a chance for me to relive my past along with a sizable group of Wrestling zealots!

In all honestly, I haven’t watched or attended a WWF event in over 14 years. In fact, the last time that I had a keen interest, a friend of mine did either a Choke Slam a la The Undertaker or a 3D (The Dudley Boyz) into a large pile of boxes at a new high profile job we had just both been given. Brilliant; and, no, we were not fired!

Sadly, I lost interest sometime after that, but whenever I see an old Pro Wrestler, it takes me back to those days in my buddy’s basement. We would sit and watch every major event until we were in high school and sadly outgrew the fascination of men wearing tights and grappling in a ring!

Enter Howard Cadmus, who — after a brief back and forth — told me to come check out this vestige of my youth! Now, I have been a fan of Sweet Jenny’s since I was child. My favorite Ice Cream to this day is Orange Chocolate, which still takes me back to my youth. When the HTM was asked what kind of ice cream he would like, what else would you expect a southern boy to say but Butter Pecan!

This is the second of the Wrestler Charity events that Howard has put together. The first featuried Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, and the next one will feature Jim “The Anvil” Niedhart in mid-October.

The Man was one cool guy!

The Man was one cool guy!

The event kicked off with WWF music as well as some replica belts for people to pose with. The man himself got there and hunkered down to sign autographs and chat with some of his fans. He was gracious, funny and quick with a joke, which was apparent when I came up for a picture with him. I happened to be wearing my “Sammy Watkins Selfie T-Shirt by 26Shirts,” and the HTM was captivated. He then asked “So we gonna take a Selfie?” I responded that I would rather get a good picture, and everyone broke out laughing.

With pictures and autographs in tow, the VIP party headed over to The Irishman, a fantastic pub located across the street, where we sat down for wings and beers with “the man” himself. He regaled the hardcore fans with stories of his glory and some of the “what ifs” of Pro Wrestling. It was quite an experience meeting someone that you grew up watching even if you rooted against them most of the time 😉

There is an event there today from 2:30-4:30 — again, with all the proceeds going to charity. Click here to find out the details, and do yourself a favor and check out Howard and his wife Tara’s shop Sweet Jenny’s and Oh Pour L’amour Du Chocolat! – Come out to Sweet Jenny’s in the Mill to Meet Wrestling Legend The Honky Tonk Man!!!!


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