Gave Blood & Got Bills Fever!!!!

Unyts had their annual blood drive at Ralph Wilson Stadium this past Tuesday. Becca and I went a little early to try to catch the hourly raffle for tickets to Thursday night’s game against the Lions. New Era was also giving away exclusive fitted Bills caps to the first 325 donors who signed up. Lucky us. We were given our hats shortly after we signed in and finished our paperwork. The Unyts staff was extremely friendly as always, even with the added pressure of excited fans in a hurry to meet players and take the behind the scenes tour of the upgraded stadium.

What's wrong with EJ? - "Next Question"

What’s wrong with EJ? – “Next Question”

They were set up in the Paul Maguire Club for several types of donations, which included whole blood, platelets, and red cells. One pint of your blood can save up to three lives. There are also multiple health benefits for you including the free check up, improved blood flow which reduces risk of heart attack, and you burn 650 calories. The process — from signing in to eating rice crispy treats and drinking Capri Suns — only took about 20 minutes. While in the chair donating whole blood, Aaron Williams, Bills defensive back, walked around with Unyts staff and cameras, shaking hands and chatting with fellow donors. Look for me on a Unyts commercial coming soon.

I talked with an older woman signing us up as organ donors. She mentioned earlier she complimented Williams on his beautiful eyes and then asked him if he was an organ donor. He laughed. This cheerful lady’s life was saved when she received a new lung two years prior.

Becca and I were feasting on only the best junk food and juices when the raffle was called, and we won four tickets to the upcoming game. Good seats too. If that was not enough, they were offering tours of the stadium to donors and their families. They walked us around showing the improvements, which look amazing. We strolled downstairs to the press room where we each took turns standing at the mic, acting like our favorite players or coach. Then we headed into the tunnel, and I felt like a kid at his first Bills game.

Our two heroes at the 50 yard line!!!

Our two heroes at the 50 yard line!!!

We gathered inside the tunnel outside the locker room where a plaque above the entrance reads “PLAY LIKE A BUFFALO BILL.” Our tour guide gestured toward the field and told us to have a good time. What would be the first thing you would do? That’s right. See if you can touch the cross bar on the goal post. I cannot…. Moving on, we awed ourselves to the 50 yard line to take a couple snap shots. I called a few snap counts and took a timeout on the bench. It was amazing. According to the nurses, I was supposed to avoid strenuous activity for the rest of the day. But, when you get a chance to run a 109-yard punt return on the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium, you take it! Unless it’s during the game, then I would advise against it.

After a half hour on the field, we all gathered back at the tunnel. We headed back to the parking lot with two ball caps, number 23 Aaron Williams’ autograph, and four tickets to the game.

It was an experience I’ll never forget, and it only cost the possible gift of life to someone else.

Maybe even a Bills fan!

Thank you Unyts, I’ll see you October 21st.

Enjoying the free tickets they won!!!

Enjoying the free tickets they won!!! Well most of them were! 



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