#ALSIceBucketChallenge Accepted & More! Wanna Win A Cool T-Shirt?

It started when one of our Co-Founder’s, Craig Wheeler, got challenged by someone with a video of himself getting dumped on with a truckload of water and ice. It was pretty impressive, and Craig responded by challenging me. Even though I have found this a little overwhelming at times, in the spirit of being a good sport, I accepted. And, frankly, I’ve been really proud that many of my friends have not only done the challenge but have given to benefit those suffering from ALS(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

So I wanted not only to contribute to ALS but to give to other good causes/charities (preferably local ones). I asked for ideas on twitter and added a couple more favorites of my own:

Okay, okay, let’s just get the contest already!

If you’re sick of seeing these videos, here is my “Bucket List”(aptly named by @duh_nellll):

ALS: I gave to http://www.alsa.org/, but I’ve seen others highlight other organizations that help with ALS.

Carly’s Club: The founder of “26 Shirts” (@26shirts) suggested this one. Since it’s a part of Roswell Park, it holds a special place in my heart as they saved my father.

VOC(Veteran’s One-stop Center) of WNY: Someone suggested Wounded Warriors, which I have problem with, especially as a Veteran. I just wanted to keep things as local as possible.

Hasek’s Heroes: Suggested by one of our contributors (Erik), and he’s helped us so much. How could I say no?

Buffalo Zoo: Another person suggested adopting an animal from the zoo. Well, from the link selected I just donated to the Zoo itself, but you can adopt an animal here.

Red Cross: I added this, because I’ve met Jay Bonafede(@JayBonafede) through the Social Media Club(@SMCBuffalo). I have seen the good stuff he has been doing locally and wanted to help. Plus, I saw he hadn’t been challenged yet.

Hospice/Miss Buffalo(@MissBuffalo2014): Lia is not only a friend to us, but she has also offered some fashion advice for our page. My contribution was two parts for Hospice. I bought a ticket to her Boat Party benefit, and we are going to give away three of her shirts — a part of the 27’s line at “26 Shirts.”

26 Shirts: I am just a fan of the founder, and they are donating all the proceeds to their beneficiaries. We are going to be giving away three of the current 12+83 Always Equals 6” shirts.

OK. So about the contest: As a thank you to all who contribute to the growth of our site/Facebook page/Twitter account, we will be giving away five of the six shirts to you. Just share us or this post with your friends, and/or let us know about a unique way you have given to one of your favorite charities so that others can hear about it.

Second part of the contest: Let us know what has been your favorite article by our contributors. The contributor with the most votes wins their choice of shirt first. The contest ends Saturday, August 30th at noon.


One Comment on “#ALSIceBucketChallenge Accepted & More! Wanna Win A Cool T-Shirt?”

  1. buffalogrl25 August 27, 2014 at 7:10 pm #

    Nice one, Rob! Very cool how you made it for my than just ALS.

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