Is It Me Or Has The Weather Been a Little Strange In Buffalo?

Lightning appears to strike something in the background.

Lightning appears to strike something in the background.

And then this explosion of light!








It’s been a rainy summer here in Western New York, or at least it sure has felt like it. Yesterday a severe thunderstorm rolled through all of Western New York, and this one wasn’t exactly like other storms I’ve seen in the past. Thunder sounded like mortar rounds, and the lightning was intense. The rain itself was almost sideways for a good period of time and made me dash to close my southward-facing windows.

I, for one, am not complaining about the rain or thunderstorm, just the severity with which it hit the area. One thing I particularly love about living in Buffalo is our lack of hurricanes and tornadoes. While I highly doubt a hurricane will ever make contact with Buffalo, a tornado seems to be a more likely scenario sometime soon. As storms seem to be getting stronger over Canada and making their way through the Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin and Michigan, it seems they have been gaining strength as they go.

Lightning on the Lake! - Photo via Jack Brodzik

Lightning on the Lake! – Photo via Jack Brodzik

Another strange phenomenon I have seen a lot of this year are sunshowers. I have seen more of these throughout this summer than I can remember seeing in my whole 33 years before.

I’m going out and saying that Global Warming is the cause for this, but I would love for a scientific explanation to this question. Are our storms getting worse here in Buffalo? This upcoming winter is already being projected to be “possibly even more severe than last years” and after two, count ’em, TWO Blizzards. This isn’t the news I was hoping for.

According to the numbers, precipitation is up each of the last two months by a .14” in June and by over 2.22” in July. The amount of thunderstorms reported in July (9), and June (8) were by no means records. That is still, however, one out of three days with some sort of severe weather.

In the end, I guess it comes down to what your perception of bad weather is. I love thunderstorms and, as a kid, would take time to sit and watch them roll through. After this evening, I questioned whether that was a smart idea. The bolt did not strike down where I could see it, but I could feel the remnants of it all around me. A surge of tingling electricity hanging in the air as Tesla dreamed of. The scariest part: I was in my home. I was standing by a doorway when a flash sent me jumping, and the sound that followed reminded me of cannon fire.

The storms will never go away, and I honestly don’t want them to. I have too much respect for Mother Nature to ask her to stop. I just wish it wasn’t always so loud! 🙂

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One Comment on “Is It Me Or Has The Weather Been a Little Strange In Buffalo?”

  1. buffalogrl25 August 21, 2014 at 9:24 am #

    It has been weird! This summer’s weather stunk. I love a good thunderstorm but where was the heat? I went to the beach once! The sun showers were cool though… I saw dou me rainbows twice this summer!

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