Unhealthy changes everything

Great story about the one thing we regularly forget about! Our Health!

Julia J-S

On July 21, after three days of experiencing the most excruciating stomach pain I’ve ever had, I was rushed to Buffalo General’s emergency room by my doctor.

When I got to the emergency room, my mind immediately jumped to the worst case scenario. I started to panic and envision everything that could go wrong, as I full-heartedly believed the nurse practitioner who briefly mentioned the possibility of appendicitis.

In the midst of my panic, I was able to take a step back for a moment and realize I wasn’t helping my case; my mind was my own worst enemy.

My anxiety was only serving to increase my pain, as anxiety can do for most people — especially people with colitis, a disease whose symptoms are exacerbated by stress and anxiety.

The entire experience was a wake up call to remind me that our health (physical, mental and emotional) is the…

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