Buffalo Dad: A Different Kind Of Boy’s Night Out! With Milkshakes!

Rohan... I'm your Father! NOOOOOO!!!

Rohan… I’m your Father! NOOOOOO!!!

If you’re going to be a Dad get ready to have a different meaning for “Boys night out”. If you are already a Dad then you know exactly what I mean. Forget the Irish car bombs and Guinness, loud cheering and chest bumps during the game at the local pub while eating copious amounts of wings and listening to Guns and Roses Sweet child of mine all night enjoying $1 drafts! Besides, Bars and society frown upon the drunken dad doing shots at the bar while his kid is strapped to the front of him in a kid carrier! Oh no no no, we’re not talking about hitting up the local or Canadian Ballet with your buddies. And forget all about those all night benders ending in trips to Jim’s Steakout. You’re going to become a cheap date real quick! Now what I’m talking about a good old fashioned “boy’s night out”… with your kids… at Applebee’s…For Milkshakes… Oh yes, Applebee’s!


Milkshake race!

Milkshake race!

I remember Rohan and I would go once every 2 weeks for Milkshakes from the time he was 8 or 9 months to like 18 months, though we’re starting again now that Gavin can work a straw. It’s nice to get out and have those bonding experiences. Rohan still loves Applebee’s, it was actually one of his first words, and he knows where every one of them is located in the area, as soon as we’re close I hear “Dad, are we going to Applebee’s?” Don’t like Applebee’s? Then just make sure to find a place that’s kid friendly as long as you don’t go on a Friday or Saturday, even Applebee’s Tends to be more couples and friends who don’t want to hear your kid crying while trying to enjoy their drinks and wonton taco’s! Though you’ll learn quickly Friday and Saturday nights out with kids is impossible and more work than they are worth. Sunday through Thursday are the sweet spots and after 9pm when it’s dead at most places! Providing you a perfect time to not have to worry when you’re little one throws a hissy fit and there’s no settling them down except to flee the area as fast as possible!

Heading to fis First sabres game.. Custom Jersey and all!

Heading to His First Sabres Game!

The first 3 months are truly the hardest and you may find being a hermit is just easier. My wife and I had opposite schedules so there were many nights I spent feeling trapped in the house. It was also November/December here in Buffalo and I didn’t want to drag my son out for no reason in blustery conditions. Besides, it was fun hanging out listening to Foo Fighters and Playing Guitar Hero or Guitar Smith while he jammed out with me! Kids love colors and things that move fast, like the notes flying across the TV from those games! It was also football and Hockey season and Rohan loved watching both, especially Hockey. Just wait till you take them to their first game and they are yelling “Let’s Go Buffalo!” They will really enjoy it once they hit about 2 years old.

Rohan Racing at Dave and Busters!

Rohan Racing at Dave and Busters!

“Boys night” will evolve from Applebee’s and Errands to more exciting and fun places once you feel comfortable stepping out into public with your child like you’re some hibernating animal on the first day of spring. Doing stuff later at night will just become normal and It also probably works best for your child’s sleep cycle early on as well. They probably nap in the evening after dinner and get up around 9pm or 10pm again to eat. I remember before I had kids, I would see people out at the store or restaurant late at night with kids and think to myself “Gee nice parents, shouldn’t your kid be in bed”? Little did I know I’d be one of them soon enough! Now that Rohan is older more stuff has opened up like Dave and Busters, Bounce Magic and try and buy fitness stores (you’d be surprised how much the kids love exercise equipment!) He’s also old enough to enjoy things like the ships at canal side, the Arcade Attica Railroad and the drive in. Its just awesome seeing him experience something new for the first time!

Heading out with your kids in Buffalo can be challenging though as winter can be tough. There isn’t much to do indoors for young kids unfortunately. It seems everything that is young kid friendly is closed by the time you get out of work during the week and insanely packed on the weekends (IE The science museum). But you’d be surprised how fun you can make some regular indoor activities like walking (or chasing) your kids through the Eastern hills mall, or having an American gladiator jousting match in the PCV isle at home depot. I use to tire Rohan out by making him carry something mildly heavy around the store. Carrying a 3 pound container of joint compound around a 10,000 sqft store does the trick quite nicely! Regardless of whatever you do, boys nights are as fun as you make them. Remember, you may be seeing something for the 1,000th time, but your kid is experiencing everything for the first time! So make every time as memorable as a first time! Not to mention all the new upcoming stuff to be excited about at Canalside like the harbor center and the Explore and More children’s museum! I can’t wait!

So what do you think? How did you cope with heading out with the young ones? Any places you love taking you’re little ones to? How do you break out of feeling confined in winter? As always leave a comment and let me know what you think, make sure to follow me on twitter @buffalodad716 and remember being a Dad is like following the directions on your kids toys; you give following the directions a shot but then end up winging it anyways!

By: Jason Sinsabaugh


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