Polish Pride for A Food Truck Virgin!

It is safe to say that the initial buzz over food trucks has long since passed. The majority of us here in Western New York have had at least one taste of these mobile meals on wheels. However, there are still some food truck novices out there (this picky eating writer included), who have not yet had the pleasure of tasting what these culinary cruisers have to offer.
Sausage and Pierogies! -Photo via www.buffalospree.com

Sausage and Pierogies! -Photo via http://www.buffalospree.com

That all changed at Delaware Park when Betty Crockski rolled up near The Buffalo Zoo. Under the beautiful summer sun, two barriers were broken when, as this writer tasted, not only a food truck’s food, but a food truck which specializes in cuisine this writer does not normally partake in. With a friendly smile, we were greeted as we looked over Betty Crockski’s menu of Polish foods. Like most people, I find that a great value is more than appealing, and Betty Crockski offers a great value with their signature Betty Box. For only $9, foodies can dabble in several of the items that Betty Crockski serves. My Betty Box was filled with not one, but three different types of their hefty sized pierogis. The pierogis come in a variety of choices including, cheese, potato, sauerkraut, and pork. (Being a picky eater, my pierogis were filled with the familiar fillings of pork, potato, and cheese). I couldn’t have been happier with those choices. The combination of the potato with a tiny spicy kick, the smooth and delicate cheese (my personal favorite), and the tangy pork, would have been filling enough as a meal. That being said, to add to the value, the three pierogis were joined by the unique open rogi. Here, customers can enjoy any of the pierogi fillings’ exploding flavor over a salad of field greens, a carrot and radish slaw, with a side of dill vinaigrette dressing. Once again, the picky eater walls were shattered as the platter was empty by the time the meal was done.
Dana S. and Kate H. of Betty Crockski! - Photo via bettycrockski.tumblr.com

Dana S. and Kate H. of Betty Crockski! – Photo via bettycrockski.tumblr.com

Betty Crockski succeeded on two accounts: making a novice food truck customer’s experience one that was both enjoyable and inexpensive; and they were able to take a picky eater and broaden his horizons. Combining great, authentic Polish food with incredible value, Betty Crockski’s parading Polish pride platters was a fantastic way to start off as a beginner food truck-goer. They will leave you with a full stomach and a smile on your face. Smacznego!


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