What’s in Miss Buffalo’s Makeup Bag?



On average I spend three minutes every morning doing my makeup. My routine is never-changing, and I try to keep it as simple as possible. I’m not a huge fan of caking on a ton product every day, but I certainly cannot leave the house without enhancing my eyes. I’m also not a huge fan of spending money on makeup, so no, I do not shop at Sephora. I do however save my Victoria Secret® gift cards and coupons for their mascara, which I believe is much better than anything else. It’s called “VS Volume Plump Mascara”. It enhances and lengthens the look of my eyelashes without leaving clumps. I use Maybelline® “FIT me!” liquid foundation with SPF 18 because it works well for coverage, and is the cheapest product I could find in Rite Aid’s makeup aisle, priced just under $8.00. I also use the Maybelline® “FIT me!” blush.


But most importantly, I can’t leave the house without applying my Revlon® “ColorStay” liquid eye pen…honestly the biggest must have in the makeup bag! I usually wear natural eye shadow palette if I’m making an appearance from Pixi® “Shade’s of Nude”.

It’s important to blend your foundation correctly to enhance your cheekbones and maintain a natural look. I recommend watching YouTube videos, and adding makeup artists on Instagram for ideas.





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