Crista Botticello is so “Ooo La La”


This girl has got it going on! Crista opened her East Aurora Boutique at the shy age of 19. Incredible right? Well she certainly didn’t stop there because in 2010 she opened her Ooo La La Fashion truck. Innovation at it’s finest. With the rise of the Buffalo Food truck craze Crista saw an opportunity to mobilize her store, and bring her product from East Aurora to the Queen City.

Oo La La Store

So what’s inside the truck? Only the most fashion forward merchandise from NYC and LA, hand selected by Crista herself. I typically find some very unique dresses at her Boutique that are great eye-catchers for appearances. Crista also began “What’s she Wearing Wednesday” with “Winging It! Buffalo Style’s” host Lauren Hall. Lauren wears an outfit from Ooo La La every Wednesday and it’s featured on Instagram. This is a great way to get fresh outfit ideas, and the products Lauren wears are also available for purchase.

Supporting creative local business owner’s like Crista will help establish successful shops in our community that will stick around for years.  Check out her website here:





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