Must Share Beauty Tip By Miss Buffalo!


Olive Oil is a well-known ancient secret. However, modern-day topical acne treatments and moisturizer filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients seem to be a common go-to. It’s time to put all of the fancy and expensive things in the trash and head to the kitchen for that bottle of olive oil!

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Although my obsession with olive oil is derived from cooking with my Italian family, it wasn’t until this past winter that I discovered these three secrets:

1)   Olive oil as a moisturizer: When our Buffalo winter brings out my dry skin, I keep a tiny bottle in my car for my hands! Rub a dime-sized drop into your palms and within minutes your hands will feel much better! Be careful not to pour too much because it may leave your hands feeling greasy. It’s also important to not spill because the oil will stain your clothes!

2)   Olive oil as a makeup remover: Believe me, it works! At the end of a long day, dab a little onto a tissue (as if you were pouring nail-polish remover onto a cotton ball) and rid yourself of all that dirt build-up! Its way cheaper than buying makeup remover wipes from the store. Dabbing your eye shadow off with olive oil will also reduce potential eye puffiness in the morning.

3)   Olive oil as an acne treatment: Okay, so this one may not be applicable to all. But it is Miss Buffalo’s #1 Beauty Secret! I ski during the winter, and bum on the beach during the summer… both activities totally dry out my skin! When your skin feels dry it produces more natural oil to counterbalance the dryness. This mixed with dead skin leads to clogged pores subsequently producing acne. This past winter I started slathering olive oil on my face at night. I know it sounds crazy, but I am so impressed with the results. The first night I tried this I woke up with completely radiant skin! I began the daily routine of falling asleep with olive oil on my face and waking up to rinse any excess off with my Neutrogena face wash. Within days I noticed that my skin looked more radiant, and also felt tighter (in a good way)! Just over a week went by when my father acknowledged that my acne had disappeared. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve struggled with acne for years, and the answer was sitting in my kitchen the entire time. I’ve used every expensive treatment, including prescriptions from my doctor and I have never been this satisfied. I continue to use olive oil every night because the summer sun and heat dries out skin as well! I can’t guarantee that olive oil is going to help you with your acne, but it’s worth a try!







One Comment on “Must Share Beauty Tip By Miss Buffalo!”

  1. buffalogrl25 July 14, 2014 at 2:12 pm #

    Love this! I’m a big fan of naturals and at home remedies. I’ve never tried olive oil. I use a lot of coconut oil as a moisturizer though. I never thought to try oils as a makeup remover! Thanks for the tip.

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