Polish Happy Hour! What took so long Buffalo!


Buffalo Polish Happy Hour, what took so long for me to discover this!

After meeting a nice young woman from another networking event, she introduced me to the monthly Polish Happy Hour Buffalo. As someone with a very distinctly Polish name, I thought it would be great way to meet new people and maybe learn more about Polish heritage.  As it goes with family, we didn’t really keep in touch with my great-great grandfather who was the one who relocated here from Poland. This was also boosted by all the attention Dyngus Day recently had and the advent of the first Polish Food Truck to the area(I love me some Betty Crockski). After missing the one in June for many other events, I was dead set to make the July 8th event at River Grill in Tonawanda. Best thing yet about this; free polish food, just buy your drinks!

Polish Happy Hour crowd

Polish Happy Hour Crowd July, 8th 2014

It was set up on the back patio, which anybody in the local area knows that would have been very questionable as earlier in the day. But the sun was shining brightly and had no hesitation to go to the bar and grab a Zywiec and head out on the patio. By the way I heard Zywiec (Polish pronunciation: [ˈʐɨvjɛt͡s] or ziv`ic) pronounced about 4 different ways over the course of the evening. As with any networking event that you go to by yourself for the first time (early on started at 5), I awkwardly sat there not talking to anyone. Eventually, someone came up who has been a regular to these events and introduced me to several people. There was some disappointment with the spread at this particular venue, but  it’s free so can really complain. They shared with me the upcoming Pulaski Parade as they have one of the floats involved in the parade later this month. It’s hard to find info on; so we’ll refer to the Polish Happy Hour Parade float at the Parade – https://www.facebook.com/events/1486623484904450/?ref=70.

Polish Happy Hour's Buffalo 2014

Polish Happy Hour Buffalo 2014

I saw the woman who invited me and caught up with her, and she was with the gentlemen that started and organizes the Polish Happy Hour. Joe is a nice guy, happily bought my next Zywiec and I was happy to meet him (besides the beer of course). Joe took out the time to talk to me and introduced me to a ton of regulars to the event, including the owner of the Polish Villa 2. There were a lot of Polish/Polish words being spoken that I haven’t heard before; okay so I’m a bad Polish American. It made me want to step up my game and order Rosetta Stone soon. I since have asked him a couple of questions about the Happy Hour. It’s only a little over a year since it started which was in April of 2013 at the Snooty Fox, which makes me question what took so long Buffalo. Joe started this based on the loss of family and felt compelled to help bring local Polish people together, but gladly accepts all guests. This particular event  had over 150 people commit to it on Facebook and who knows how actually showed up, but it was really busy with people all throughout the place and back patio.  If this is first time hearing about it and want to go to the next, https://www.facebook.com/events/1457182221197215/.

It was great meeting all these people, I spent a good bit of my talking with a beautiful woman who actually was born and raised in Poland. She shared with me many things about Polish culture.  One take away was she mentioned a Polish food that I’ve never heard of; Nalesniki. It was described to me as crepe-like, that is used to more choose your own type of adventure wrap. Google results show a lot desert type options.

Great event and best part, free polish fare. Different from many social events in the area, no entry fee/no requested donation!

Double Rainbow Tonawanda NY

Rainbow/Double Rainbow shining over Polish Happy Hour



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