Resurgence, Indeed…

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Photo via

If there Is anything that Resurgence Brewing is about, it is Buffalo. And Beer. With a capital ‘B,’ in both instances.

I drove down Niagara with my GPS soothingly directing me…”In a quarter-mile, destination is on your left.” I looked left and saw a brick building with a GIANT sign that read ‘Bait & Tackle. ‘ The shop had an accompanying GIANT parking lot. I was impressed, but this building was not the one I was seeking. Next to this behemoth mecca of fishing rested the destination – a similar brick building with a teeny buffalo head sign. The logo was recognizable enough. I had found Resurgence Brewing.


The sign for Resurgence! Photo via

Tucked away among the rest of the brick storage facilities lining Niagara, the brewery/beer garden/hotspot is inconspicuous to the casual passerby. According to the current owner, it was originally a factory for boat engines in WWI, then a dog pound in my parents’ years, then had been largely a storage facility for quite some time. Walking into the place, one could not imagine why on God’s green earth it would have been wasted as such. I parked and approached the brewery, passing by the half-opened bay door to the emblazoned entrance, and on my way, I spotted the outdoor beer garden – an idea that is new to Buffalo, and by experience, won’t be the last. The sun shone and the breeze blew lightly, and groups of people gathered with their chalices, glistening pink of the Loganberry Wit, or Gold with the Jefe-Weizen. It was like any happy hour here in Buffalo, but somehow different – this territory was not owned by distributors of commercial swill. The blood, sweat, and tears of the brewers of these beers shone brightly on every square inch.

Owner Jeff Ware had experienced such havens in NYC when he worked with Sam Adams as in a sales capacity. “I kept seeing these really cool beer gardens and beer experiences popping up, and it’s more than just a brewery…I was like “Wow, what an opportunity to do this in Buffalo…the second it’s 40 degrees in town, people are in shorts, grilling in their backyard – their own personal beer garden!   I wanted to bring that experience here.” Ware and the Resurgence Family have done that, and then some. Resurgence is not just a place where beer is brewed. It is place for friends to gather. It is a place for family to gather! While I was there, there was a birthday party being held, for what appeared to be one of the cutest 1-year-olds I’d ever seen.

I'll try them all! Photo Via

I’ll try them all! Photo Via

The building bleeds Buffalo. The day that I visited, Resurgence had been mentioned in a HuffPo post ( as a top destination for visitors, and I could not agree more. Resurgence has recruited local beer experts to taste their beers and rate them, and honest opinions will help them to formulate the next batch.

I invited some friends to join me in tasting the Resurgence beers – after all, that is the point of Resurgence – enjoying great beer with a community of fellow Buffalonians, who also enjoy great beer. Jeff was quick to tell me that the Saison are his favorites, and their Saison was great, indeed. Myself and my friends also enjoyed their IPAs; I loved the Resurgence IPA and though that the description was exactly what the beer had to offer. A couple of friends liked the Session IPA, which they said was smooth and really great for a day of hanging out and drinking. The hopped Kolsch was good – a bit dry, but if you’ve got a day of yardwork ahead, grab a growler. Of course, there was the Sponge Candy Stout. If you don’t like stouts, try it. If you don’t like dry stouts, try it. You won’t be disappointed.


I asked Jeff if he had anything to tell the City of Buffalo, and in true Awesome Guy fashion, he said, “Thank you.” I personally though this was great, but he continued; “I knew this would be cool, but…these beers are really good and the space was really cool. We never thought this many people would show up. Ever.”

Patio Time! Photo via the

Patio Time! Photo via the

The beer garden is surrounded by distractions, indoor and outdoor– darts, adult Jenga, cornhole, bocce. My friend Zach and I dominated the cornhole court – possibly fueled by the Resurgence IPA. I will neither confirm nor deny.

Upcoming, the brewery has a few event lined up. They’ve got a pig roast, in which the pig has eaten mostly spent grains from the brew (ARE YOU KIDDING ME? AMAZING!) as well as a Oktoberfest in September, since the beer garden is based largely on the European ideal.

For hours, taps, and events, check out :

Also on twitter:


Check them out, as well as other local brewers. These people are putting their hearts and souls into putting Buffalo onto the brewing map – making the city a destination for beer lovers everywhere. Show your support! Follow, retweet, drink, recommend. “We are each other’s sales reps. It behooves everybody to promote Buffalo, because we’re promoting ourselves.” Buffalove, kids. Live it. Love it.


3 Comments on “Resurgence, Indeed…”

  1. buffalogrl25 July 10, 2014 at 7:44 pm #

    Awesome post! I will check this out for sure. Thanks!

  2. Elaine White July 11, 2014 at 3:09 pm #

    I would like to check this place out. It sounds really cool 😉

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