Fourth of July: A Buffalo Weekend Full of Fesivities

Rats Flag 1238 years ago we wrote a snotty letter to King George explaining that we were all done with his crap. We told that sonofgun we were running things over here now, and we’d be drinking all the damn tea that we wanted while we did it. Which is why Independence Day weekend is now about three things here in Buffalo: food, booze, and fireworks. ‘Merica.

Okay, so that’s not at all how it went, and that’s definitely not what Independence Day is about, but it does make for a strong opening, am I right? It also is more than likely how a vast majority of us celebrated it. I have no idea why the Fourth of July turns so many of us into Tim Taylor from Home Improvement, but it does. Cue Tim Taylor Grunt. ‘Merica.

I kicked off my holiday weekend with my sister on Thursday. We hit Root Five Waterfront Restaurant for dinner. So yummy! This is one of my personal favorite restaurants. It sits right on Lake Erie off of Route 5 in Hamburg. She and I caught up over a fantastic meal and watched the sun set over the lake. We shared some warm bread and crab cakes. She ordered the stuffed sole and it looked amazing. I had the chipotle pork loin which came with a bacon-gouda risotto. In the words of the infamous Katt Williams, “let me give that to you one more ‘gain” – Bacon. Gouda. Risotto. ‘Merica.

IMG_20140703_191827694  IMG_20140703_191818867

_20140707_084414Gem and I decided to spend the Fourth together. So where are two single twenty-somethings to spend the holiday? The beach, of course! We headed down to Mickey Rats Club in the early afternoon, and I was surprised to see that it was already packed. It wasn’t the warmest day Buffalo has had recently, but people wanted to celebrate it at the beach anyway. Everyone was festive! Lots of the good ol’ Red, White, and Blue. Lots of stars and stripes. We mingled and made friends. Danced. Watched folks play volleyball. Walked on the beach. As always, Rats was a blast – holiday or not. ‘Merica.


Gem and I left for dinner. We changed out of our bikinis into something a bit warmer… and guess where we went? Root Five Waterfront Restaurant. Yea, that happened, and I’m not ashamed of it. And guess what I ate? Bacon. Gouda. Risotto. ‘Merica.

After dinner, we went right back to Rats. If you’ve never been there for the 4th of July, then you’ve never seen the biggest beach bonfire that you would ever see in your entire life. I’m talking wooden pallets stacked up for two stories. And they light that sucker. ‘Merica.

There are also fireworks of course. They set some off right there, but you can also see them all over in the distance too. So pretty! We mingled more and danced throughout the evening. Our friends that we’d made earlier were still there, and we hung out with them the rest of the night. Gem got a date with one of them! I’m not going to take all the credit, but probably 98% of it. 😉 Buffalo Girl can be a bit of a matchmaker. ‘Merica.


Yes, I put pickles on my souvalki.

I spent most of the 5th of July like I imagine a lot of people did – drinking a lot of water and sitting on the couch. My sister, mother, and I did meet for dinner at George’s Hot Dog Stand at the bottom of Herman Hill in Boston. This is one of my favorite summer places. I usually get the Bacon Big George Burger, but – believe it or not – I was all baconed out. I went with the chicken souvalki instead which I also love there. I may or may not have stolen some of my mom’s onion rings too. ‘Merica.

Then came Sunday Funday. Can you believe we were still going? Gem and I got ice cream, and then headed over to Marine’s house. He got some bad news recently so we surprised him in hopes of cheering him up. We talked about boobs a lot so I think it distracted him for the moment at least! We visited for awhile before we all headed to Mooney’s Sports Bar and Grill for some fancy macaroni and cheese. Heavenly macaroni and cheese. Marine went for the taco mac, and Gem for the lobster. I got the “Rodeo” mac and cheese with pulled pork and crispy onions. We each tried each one, and they were all delicious. ‘Merica.

IMG_20140706_200550656 IMG_20140706_200556032 IMG_20140706_200600917

By the time I got home, I never thought I’d want to eat again. I managed to tweet about our amazing meal before drifting off into a food coma. It was a successful holiday weekend for sure. I’m so glad I live in a country where I have the freedom to have spent it however I chose to. The freedom to rock my stars and stripes bikini without shame. To be carefree and flirt with strangers all I want. To walk on the beach with my toes in the warm sand. To laugh and visit with my family. To pop in and cheer up my friend by talking about our boobs. To celebrate America by drinking and eating all I want. Dancing all I want. To party. Because I have the freedom, choice, and ability to. Because thanks to my family that came to this country with nothing, and to some grumpy, visionary gentlemen who 238 years ago dreamed of something better, I am lucky to have Independence in more way than one. ‘Merica.

Love, Buffalo Girl



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