You think you’re busy, check out Del Reid and 26 shirts!

You know you want this shirt!

You know you want this shirt!

So you’re asking what’s going in Buffalo? Well, we have to say that Del Reid is what’s going on in Buffalo! Founder of 26 Shirts(@26Shirts, ), member of the Bills Fan Alliance Advisory board, and what we didn’t know (as being newer to the Twitter world), one of the original tweeters behind #BillsMafia(@TheBillsMafia). And on top of all that, he is a loving husband and father with a regular full-time job for another great organization. And you think you’re too busy? This is why we met up with Del last week in order to share what great things he’s doing. What mainly drew us to Del was his work at 26 Shirts, which if you haven’t heard about it, you should. Every two weeks, a “Buffalo football” shirt is released, and it’s only available for a two week period. One hundred percent of the proceeds go, preferably, to a family in need or to an organization that struggles to serve and help people afflicted by an ultimately lethal, yet relatively unknown condition. No red tape. It’s 100% of the proceeds, which we think is absolutely awesome and wanted to know what brought him to this great idea. It started when a guy from North Carolina reached out to Del and the Bills Mafia for help, wanting him to help him with a raffle:

                    “His daughter, who was two or three years old, had Retinoblastoma. A condition that is like cancer in the eye. Both eyes! And I was like ‘ holy crap!’ And I was reading the girl’s story and it really moved me,” he said, recalling the exchange.

Another awesome T-Shirt!

Another awesome T-Shirt!

Del explained that he would not only do that, but he would create and sell a shirt, the benefits from which would go towards their struggle. It affected him so much that he was brainstorming with friends on how to help more people. He went into describing his thought process, which culminated in the creation of 26 Shirts. Initially, he wanted to do it as weekly thing, but friends talked him down from that, as it would be a logistical nightmare. He told us how one of his friends reacted to him suggesting every other week, “Dude, that’s a lot of shirts. That’s like 26 shirts.” But it was stuck in his head, and he had a “Jerry McGuire”-esque moment and was putting the idea out through social media to get reaction.

The idea really caught fire and spawned a ton of interview requests, with one of them being from Time Warner news. Without a shirt or design, he felt accountable to go forward, and a lot of families sure do appreciate it. Fortunately, as Del described a lot, 26 shirts hinges on the donation of art from artists. This is great to see even more people donating their talents to benefit these people in need.Then Dan Gigante (@DanGigante, local entrepreneur) stepped up to help Del through his company, You and Who Shirts (which has its own great purpose that you should look up Del really appreciates what Dan has done to truly partner up in this effort and believes it has allowed 26 Shirts to help give more to these families and organizations. We continued to talk about how 26 Shirts has continued to grow and how it has helped kindle his love for people. Del doesn’t want this to be about him, but his passion is noteworthy, and it is what makes him and Dan great guys. He also finds it strange how well some shirts sell while others don’t. So, people don’t hesitate to get your shirts right when they come out.

We also talked about the shirt that is currently available of Marv Levy. It benefits Lawrence Rudolph, who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ( This shirt was done in conjunction with Scott Flick (@flicktures, who is a great artist and “Great guy,” Del’s words and I believe him). Get yours now! Final words from Del on 26 Shirts, “If you don’t like the current shirt, come back in two weeks, and maybe you’ll like the next one… We always have a link to their page that they have, you might not like the shirt but you may be moved to donate.”



We then talked about The Bills Mafia and how that started. It’s an absolutely hilarious story that you can check out at billsmafia/. Del gave all the credit to the group when telling us, and it’s easier find out about all those involved on that page. He went on to tell us, “To this day, I’m still blocked by Adam Schefter,” which had us dying. Come on Shefty (@AdamShefter), you have a sense of humor! Cut these guys a break! Del even gave Shefter credit for being “on top of everything.” But in they’re good nature, all the apparel that is available benefits local charities. Also, if you catch Del out, at times he will gladly hand out some #BillsMafia wristbands. I got mine at a local event where I ran into him after the interview. He also went on to talk about how greatly it has grown and how much it has opened doors for him to start all these good things. Lastly, we talked to him about the Bills Fan Alliance Advisory Board and its purpose. This is something that was introduced to him based on the Bills Mafia from the founder of Bills Fan Alliance that Del was extremely excited about. It’s dedicated to working with the next owners to keeping the Bills in Buffalo and would like to work with the next owner to do that. being a humble and truly generous guy that “is” doing great things in Buffalo, we felt we just had to share the great things he’s doing with 26 Shirts and, at the very least, get him lunch!


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