City of Night! This is What You Missed!!!!

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Ballons with some hot air created an amazing effect! Photo by Erica Morano

The heat was out in full force this past weekend, and the thought of a cold beer and some time by the water was so refreshing. It wouldn’t matter that I would be sharing that space with over 10,000 people! That’s right I am referring to The City Of Night, which as I have said all along would be the party of the year. I can safely say that it lived up to that expectation!

The bridge goes up and we wait to get in!

The bridge goes up and we wait to get in!

The event seemed to be a study in controlled chaos, with the art and music intermingled with Silo City’s campus. There was more than one could do in nine hours of time, and it left me wanting more, and more. Having a large group was fun, but I could not tell you how many times we stopped waiting for someone to catch up to us. In all honesty the campus was so large, and my poor wife having left her cell phone at home, worried me that if I went to far ahead……. uh-oh! You get the idea!

Cool graphic of process of the Kiln! Photo by Erica Morano

Cool graphic of process of the Kiln! Photo by Erica Morano

The cover of the Kiln!

The cover of the Kiln!

What the kiln really looks like!

What the kiln really looks like!


The party went till 1 A.M, and I took advantage of as much of that as I could. There was a great exhibit in one of the Malting Kilns, that centered on a screen inside of the kilns, recreating the process. In other areas bands or DJ’s intermingled with the art that was everywhere, even being projected on the Silo’s themselves.

Photo by Erica Morano

Photo by Erica Morano

It seemed that every Food Truck from here to Rochester was in the for The City Of Night, and by the time my wife and I had walked for hours. There was nothing left to do other than sample as much food as we could! We are particular to Knight Slider and a few Kitt Sliders came at the perfect time. The House of Munch provided some seriously good carnival fare (think popcorn, pretzels, cotton candy). In the end there were to many and we wanted to save a few bucks to hit Jim’s Steakout before we called it a night.

Art in the Silo's - Photo by Erica Morano

Art in the Silo’s – Photo by Erica Morano

The one major drawback from what I could see was the beer area, or tent if you like (even though there was no tent). It was like the wild west, with people lined 8-10 rows deep in some areas, and some people just heading up to the sides to grab beer there-by cutting a lot of annoyed people. There were a few times that I felt it could become a serious issue as patrons were not pleased. The answer to that would be to attend the VIP Party the night before (sadly that costs $100.00 a ticket), which would have gained you access to VIP bars that were strategically located throughout the event, as well as a lounge by most of the bars.

My feeling for next years event, is to go smaller with a group of close friends or grab walkie-talkie’s for everyone involved. That way no lost souls looking for a way home! Either way this is an event that I would love to see happen in the Fall as well, or even the Winter!

It is by far the most unique event in Buffalo’s history and I for one am proud to say that I have been there!

If you want to see what it’s all about check out this great video by Erica Morano! Click on this Photo below!

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