How Cool Is Mes Que? This Cool!


Yup TV’s outside and a gorgeous day to watch some soccer in North Bufalo!

Yesterday me and a few buddies headed out to watch some World Cup Soccer and drink some beer. Maybe more of the latter, but either way we were looking for a bit of fun. Now I have seen pictures from Mes Que on Twitter and Facebook, and know that it can get rowdy as well as packed, like sardines in a can there! In fact I live easily within walking distance from the bar, and have walked or driven by and seen standing room only outside. So I was well aware of how busy it could be, but we forged ahead.

Mes Que was packed for soccer action yesterday!

Mes Que was packed for soccer action yesterday!

The game we went to see held significant ramifications for the US Soccer team, it would be Germany vs. Ghana. The US team had beaten Ghana earlier in the week and a victory by the Germans would all but eliminate them from the round of 16.

The bar was packed with German fans with a small Ghana contingency out on the patio. The game’s first half consisted of near misses and the bar was oddly quiet. That would soon change as the second half got under way with some of the best back and forth action of the World Cup. The Germans opened the scoring and the bar went ballistic after a pretty goal by Mario Gotze of Germany in the 51st minute if action.

The German fans would not hold on to that lead very long. After a header by Ghana’s Andre Ayew in the 54th minute tied the game up. The bar went silent less than ten minutes later, when in the 63rd minute Asamoah Gyan scored a great goal and then did a little bit of line dancing with him teammates to celebrate to give Ghana a 2-1 lead and all of the momentum.

Your author and a lovely German fan pose for a selfie!

Your author and a lovely German fan pose for a selfie!

The bar quieted and we headed to the patio to watch the games outside and take in a bit of the beautiful weather we were having. With multiple televisions all over the bar and on the outside patio and back patio, you really don’t miss much action at the bar. They even had food on the back patio, and tons of port a potty’s to serve the overflow crowds they get. It was really planned quite well.

In the bar German fans were getting restless, and at the same time knowing that a Germany Draw against Ghana was much better than a loss for the US. I couldn’t help but find myself rooting for the small Ghana contingent out on the outside patio. The lead that Ghana was able to get would not last long though as in the 71st minute, and only two minutes removed from entering the game Miroslav Klose scored to tie the game. It would be his 15th World Cup Goal, tying him for the all-time lead with Ronaldo (Brazil). Afterwards he did a little acrobatics of his own!

The guys from Ghana made the game a blast to watch!

The guys from Ghana made the game a blast to watch!

The game ended in a draw, but the feeling was much more of an upset for Ghana, against the favorite German team, that many thought would be in the running to win the World Cup. The bars crowd slowly dissipated as fans of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Nigeria made their way into the bar. The atmosphere for the games, and in general was amazing. No arguing, no fighting, just people enjoying themselves at a bar while watching soccer. It wasn’t what I expected at all as I had heard soccer fans can get a little unruly. This was a great experience, and I may just make my way back there for some more US action, as long as they can get to the round of 16! Either way do yourself a favor and check out, what is easily Buffalo’s coolest bar!





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