Buffalo Sabres Draft Preview

Almost forgot about Hockey………………….Blasphemy!

The Nice Guys

hi-res-d58833962764182d1f23a9da4b20c8ce_crop_northSince I have a lot to learn still about hockey, especially the draft, I asked my friend Will Garry to help me out with a post about the draft.  I hope you enjoy this draft preview, written from a Sabres perspective and written almost entirely by Will (and partly by yours truly).  Thank you, Will!

After finishing what was their worst season in history, the Buffalo Sabres are amidst their long overdue rebuild.  Darcy Regier’s plan of Derek Roy, Jason Pominville, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, and company did not produce much post-season success, and with the new regime of Craig Patrick and Tim Murray, we begin the teardown and rebuild process.  Through this process, the Sabres have acquired a handful of draft picks for the upcoming draft as well as restocked the prospect shelves.

The NHL Draft Lottery proved to be another disappointment to the Sabres organization as even through…

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