BuffaLoveFest A View From Someone Who Went!

My wife and I wanted to join Josh and Rebecca at Buffalovefest last week, but alas a sitter wasn’t available and we were forced to sit on the porch and listen to all the fun. Josh and Rebecca came back later to enjoy a few cocktails and tell us about all the fun. I don’t plan on missing the next one!

In that great spirit here is Josh’s first hand account of the best party I’ve missed all year:(

photo 1

We arrived at Gate 7 to the sound of Boisterous crowds enjoying the 90’s Jams being played live on The Gazebo Lawn. Then we waded through Lovefest to meet up with friends at the beer tent, grabbed our Flying Bison Brews and Explored the Zoo like never before. I mean you could walk around with beers at the ZOO!!! Oh and no kiddies, sorry little guys!

photo 3

Not a party without a selfie from Josh!

For only sitting on 23 acres, the third oldest zoo in the country continues to add new exhibits.  Like the Rainforest exhibit and coming soon the new Arctic Edge. Winter is coming! Just Kidding.

Food trucks lined the walkways. Betty Crockski, Knight Slider, Frank’s they were all there! Flying Bison even made a unique brew just for the event called Arctic Pale Ale and it was gone in an hour. The atmosphere was carefree with a hint of tipsy.

It was satisfying to watch obvious parents take this opportunity to act like big kids themselves at this 21 and over event. Spectators marveled at the hundreds of exotic animals that the Buffalo Zoo shelters.
Even though we all would like the animals to roam free in their native habitat, many are endangered or vulnerable from human sprawl. Most animals seem comfortable in their surroundings, especially the Baby Gorilla riding its mama or the Tiger chewing on his deflated ball.

My only regret was not getting to the Flying Bison tent where they had the ArticPaleAle, and swimming with the sea lions. It still brings a tear to my eye!

Anyway, the next similar event is Wines in the Wild on June 23rd  hope to see you there.

photo 1 (1)

These guys were just lounging around the whole time!


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