These Two Guys Are Changing Food Trucks & How We Find Them! Meet the duo behind Trucktor Beam


Ryan Frawley (left) & Collin Corcoran are two guys looking to change the way we Food Truck!

This past week, I had the opportunity to sit down with two of the coolest guys in Buffalo! They are changing the way we look for and interact with Food Trucks not only here in Western New York, but across the nation.

The Food Truck phenomenon has swept over major metropolitan cities such as Norfolk, San Diego, Houston, and Phoenix. As of this spring, the Western New York region has over 30 Trucks that service the Buffalo and Rochester areas. That’s where Trucktor Beam comes in!

What is Trucktor Beam you ask? Trucktor Beam is an app created by Ryan Frawley and Collin Corcoran, that allows you to track the Trucks in real-time. It gives you specific locations, via your mobile device’s GPS and location pins, and also the time frame that these  Food Trucks will be open for business.  When that Truck wraps up, or sells out of food then that Truck’s location pin goes away- all in real time.  It’s design is rather simple, with intuitive controls that make it really easy to use.   These guys are currently working on some seriously cool upgrades that could seriously change the way we Food Truck!


A very cool and easy to use interface shows you where trucks are.

When I saw the app, all I could think of is “Thank God someone wants to know where the Food Trucks are too!” So I got in touch with them to discuss the coolest app around. We met at a local establishment and discussed their app, food trucks, and Buffalo.

We opened with the obvious question of:

  • “Who are you guys?”

Ryan: I’m originally from Westchester NY, and I relocated to Buffalo to attend UB, and then found work in the area, and fell in love with the area. Collin and I met at Command Solutions (a place we both worked at), became good friends and now we are running this app we designed!

Collin: I’m from Binghamton NY and attended SUNY Fredonia. I also relocated to Buffalo for work and met Ryan. While we were sitting at lunch one day, we had this eureka moment. What if I wanted to eat at a Food Truck today, where are they? What are they serving? So we said that’s something we have to do, and voila!

  • “Why did you guys make the app?”

Collin: Just the amazing quality of food that they are producing, we want to help the public get behind something like that. Also Buffalo is not the only city in America with Food Trucks- we saw a great idea to grow nationally, not just in Western New York.

Ryan: The potential is out there for a whole different demographic than just Buffalo NY, we have been exploring the other markets to try to tap in and let them see what we can do. Western New York has a large market, that we’ve been able to begin with, but this could be much more than just here!

  • “What kind of improvements are we talking here?”


Me: I only have one qualm right now about this, a full weekly schedule. Is that possible, so I can just check it out if need be?

Collin: Well it’s tough, because I work full-time and Ryan recently quit his day job, to handle full-time operations on Trucktor Beam. It requires a lot of effort, but we have some things we are working on, besides trying to take it to a national level.

Ryan: Yeah, we have been working on a touch to call button, which if you pressed it would allow you to call the food truck and place your order, also we are trying to set up a possible schedule with times for people to see. Our big thing is, somewhere down the line we would love to come up with a tab, that would let you place an order online, and then you show up and pick it up. That easy!

Me: That’s something I could seriously get into!

Collin: Again it all about the quality of content, and we want it to stand out as the best! There’s a huge audience for something like this that we want to pursue!

  • “Where do you guys go from here?”

Collin: We have a ton of ideas, but for us growing this thing on a local level is key.

Ryan: If we can show what it can do here in Buffalo, it could open up some major markets for us.

Collin: Really the possibilities are endless here!

Ryan: We think the touch to call and online ordering is where this needs to go, but that will require a lot of logistics and making sure the trucks are on board, but think of how much easier it would make the whole experience!

Me: Yeah, again I can get behind these ideas!

  • Final Question, “Who’s your favorite food truck?”

Ryan: I like them all honestly!

Collin: It’s not that easy, they all have a distinct flavor and generally serve different types of food. I will say this! Where is our Buffalo Wing Truck? I mean that idea is a money-maker!

Me: I couldn’t agree more.


So there you have it, the two coolest app creators in Buffalo are changing the way you and I do Food Trucks.

So, stop reading this already and download Trucktor Beam!!

Currently Available for Android mobile devices, iOS is currently in the works, available online always!


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