I Declare The Buffalo River ALIVE!


Memorial Day weekend is a chance to reflect on the ultimate sacrifices made by our family, friends, and neighbors in the name of our Freedom. We proudly remember those Veterans and say “Thank You”.


zoom88In addition, I would like to thank you to Stanley P. Spisiak, the Hero that helped save the Buffalo River.

Once Princess Drift pimped out the Canoe Saturday, daybreak Sunday could not come soon enough. With a new name, and Poseidon’s blessing, @QueensDrift set sail from Mutual Riverfront Park. We headed across the river and docked at the Silo Super Flea in Silo City.  The Flea market is up and coming but with the closure of Cheektowaga’s Super Flea, the vendors will be down here. I found and old anchor that made a great addition to @QueensDrift. With a quick stop at Julie’s (Clean with a Mirror!), we headed Downtown towards the river!


The ride down the river was smooth and busy. Kayak and Paddle-board renters hugged the banks, excited to see the river teeming with resurgent life. Dozens of fishermen huddled around their catches.  You have to see it to believe it, especially since in 1969 the Buffalo River was declared dead.

We soon docked at the Swannie House (You missed out on shot-time Don!). Then back into the canoe and on to Canalside.  Any boat under 18 ft costs 8 dollars for 4 hours to dock.  Or you may find a sympathetic worker, as we did, when we moored with all the other beautiful boats. We literally climbed aboard, walked up the ramp and broke out our picnic lunch.

Canalside was packed with a diverse crowd of veterans, locals, and tourists all admiring the development taking place in our great city. @QueensDrift thanked the dock workers and cruised alongside the Naval Park. I reminisced a little before making a port turn towards home.

Every weekend we will be exploring more of the waterfront. I’m really looking forward to seeing Lackawanna and Hamburg Wind turbines up close. So grab your watercraft and join us for an adventure.


Don’t forget, Go Bike Buffalo’s Skyride Saturday… See you there.


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