Oh Super Flea You Will Be Missed!

Super flea2

courtesy twn.com

I can not explain to you why the demolition of the Super Flea located in Cheektowaga bothers me. I mean it’s a ridiculous eyesore that has been falling apart for years. But the thought of a Wall-Mart going in there, when there’s one just 2 miles down the road on Harlem and Walden in what was once the Thruway Mall, it leaves me wondering why?

I mean the place was really in need of some serious love or at least some serious updates to the building built-in the 60’s. In all honesty it should have been torn down years ago after a small fire left it smelly and leaking water from some un-discernible place, but that’s a whole other story.

I guess my waxing nostalgia is over that place where I bought my first pair of FOakleys “Fake Oakleys for those wondering”, knockoff sports jerseys, or sports cards. It also housed a crazy variety of clothing, glass pipes, old magazines, swords, purses, video games, records and cassettes, and a leather goods guy and honestly that’s all just in the building!

For years my allowance was blown on things that still make me say “What the hell was I thinking?”

Super Flea

I did have a chance to take my son there this past year and he explored the Super Flea with the same vigor and excitement that I had when I was his age. I walked past stands and wondered how many electric waterfall mirror wall hangings someone really needed, or why did someone need a sword, and a bong at the same time? I must say I haven’t even got into the creepy section all the way in the back with who knows what they have in there.

There are no new plans for a giant building where people will go and try to sell their old crap and that saddens me a little. The vendors that have not so much rented a table but have become part of it, will scatter to different places. So it truly will be the end of an era, and sadly I’ll miss that.


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