Bills Island?

Bills Island?  via Twitter

Bills Island?
via Twitter

A couple of months ago Twitter and Facebook were a buzz with the term Bills Island. It seems that this idea was being floated around by the WGR personality Mike Schopp. In all seriousness a stadium on an island sounds kinda cool.

Where is this island you ask? It’s located in the Niagara River in between Canada and the United States near Grand Island. It’s Called Navy Island……

I know Navy Island? I had no idea it existed either!

Navy Island  from Wikipedia

Navy Island
from Wikipedia 

Well it not only existed, but at one point could have housed the United Nations. There was talk of putting the UN’s headquarters there in 1945-46, however the site was declined in favor of the current site in New York City. It’s also had some history there as well, a shipyard used by the British in the mid 18th century. It was a major point for military activity in both the French-Indian War’s, and the War of 1812 and the Canadian Rebellions of 1837-38. It also housed a luxury hotel until 1910 when it burned down, and after was left abandoned. It has since been declared a National Historic Site by the Canadian Government.

Is it possible that the Bills could have their very own Island?

Honestly nothing would surprise me now, but the facts are a new stadium will have to be built somewhere. The island is roughly less than a square mile (.47), and the current Stadium Campus covers .30 square miles. So it would be possible for a Stadium and Parking venue to be completed there. It would need bridge access, as well as permission from Canada as they still own the property. It’s a long shot but how cool would it be to have our very own football island?

I guess what it comes down to is one way or another we need to get crafty and find a spot to put our New Stadium, or we may not have a team to even put there!


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