What’s The Deal With Buffalo Police Lately?

In the span of a few weeks Buffalo’s police department has taken some serious hits. Three weeks ago, a 22-year-old man who appeared to be handcuffed and not resisting arrest was severely beaten. John Willet was driving a car in the cities Blackrock area, when an unmarked police car drove behind him and turned on its lights. Mr. Willet then increased speed in an attempt to elude the Police but then ditched the car and surrendered to Police. As soon as he stopped the beating began, and the Police took things a bit to far. Six Buffalo Police officers were suspended, and one is being investigated for unnecessary force. When the Police officer noticed the event being videotaped he demanded it be erased, however the person who took it was able to protect it. It should be pointed out Mr. Willet was in possession of a controlled substance, and is the reason he ran from Police.

Then not less than two weeks later two off duty Buffalo cops were suspended after Airman William C. Sager was found unconscious on the curb in front of Molly’s Pub in the University District. One of the officers handcuffs were reportedly found on the severely beaten man while he lay out front of the bar. Also neither off duty cop called for an ambulance after it was known that the victim was unconscious. A bar manager has been charged with First Degree assault in the case, and if being help on $250,000 bail. The bar manager also allegedly removed the surveillance tape and threw it in the trash at a nearby 7-11. The two police officers in question are being investigated and on paid administrative leave.

These two incidents are troubling enough, but when combined with the Police Departments record of issues these last few years including a Police Officer arrested for setting a major drug operation out of a warehouse he owned. A community leader last year who was involved in helping a task force with the Buffalo Police on drug houses in the cities East side, was also arrested for his involvement in tipping off groups of individuals who ran those drug houses.

All in all it things haven’t looked good with our cities Police Department for a while, but just how bad is the blue code? Things may seriously need to change for us to find out. One way or another there is no excuse for this type of behavior from people we pay to serve and protect us!


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