Can Buffalo Keep This Up?

So in the last four years Buffalo has had some major development going on.

  • The Avant Building
  • Refurbishing The Lafayette Hotel
  • UB 2020 Developments around Roswell
  • Time Warner Cable’s headquarter move to the former Sheean Hospital Site
  • Canalside
  • Courtyard by Marriott by Canalside
  • Riverworks
  • Catholic Charities new 400 Million Dollar Headquarters



Canalside Project courtesy of the

The list could seriously go on, and on right now. But for how long can Buffalo keep this up, and when finished can Buffalo maintain the workforce associated with these new developments?

So far I would say that we should be able to keep up with the growth that our city and region have seen. UB is pumping out new medical students freshly graduated, and those people are bound to stay with the medical corridor located in Downtown Buffalo. For years graduates left the area looking for work in another location as jobs were scarce in the western New York area. Not so anymore as a Billion with a B is being spent on UB 2020’s medical corridor.

Medical is not only the future of this city, manufacturing jobs which have all but disappeared since the loss of Bethlehem Steel will make a strong return with the Clean Energy plant scheduled to go into the old Brown Zone (Formerly Contaminated) on the Republic Steel site. The State is expected to put over 250 million dollars into the site, and it should create 850 local jobs.

courtesy of The Buffalo News

Clean Energy Project proposed for Old Republic Steel Site courtesy of The Buffalo News

Computer companies have been flocking to the area for the last few years to build places for servers, due to the cooler climate here in Western New York. IBM recently announced that they would be building a facility in Buffalo, that would create 500 more jobs. The location has not been announced, but hope is the facility will remain in the city itself.

Buffalo is experiencing a rebirth like never seen before. Things that I haven’t even mentioned are Outer Harbor Developments, Federal Canal’s being rebuilt to link the past and future possible stadium relocation for the Buffalo Bills, and another redo of a federal courthouse (Dillon Building).

As long as Buffalo can keep these new jobs coming, and expand while keeping its best and brightest here in the long-term. Then our future looks very bright.


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