The Gus Macker Takes The Money & Runs!

gus macker

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What came as no surprise to anyone yesterday, the Gus Macker basketball tournament played on the city streets of Buffalo for over 30 years has a new home. Theme park Darien Lake, will host the annual Buffalo tournament this year. Officials made the announcement yesterday on the steps of city hall, proclaiming this a victory for all of Western New York.

I would disagree even though participants in the tournament will basically get two days of free admission to the amusement park as part of the $148 per four man team entry fee ($37 per person).Tournament spectators and family members can purchase discounted tickets into the park for $25.  

The tournament had been a staple in Downtown Buffalo for years, and I participated in it when I was in High School. However last year the Police Athletic League made only $5,000 at the tournament, and lost there main sponsor Ex Buffalo Bill Terrence McGee after that tournament. There hope is to make over $30,000 off the new sponsorship which benefits multiple after school programs, and organizations.

Sadly a Buffalo Icon is gone for now, but who knows what the future will hold for the Gus Macker!



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