Lunch On The Break Wall! Sounds Cool Doesn’t It!

Josh Photo's 061

The author and his girlfriend on the Break Wall! What a VIEW!

Last weekend we shook off the seemingly endless winter with an adventure on Lake Erie. We dropped the canoe and kayaks at Gallagher Beach, it is next to the NFTA Harbor Park and a stones throw to Tifft Nature Preserve. The four of us shoved off into the crystal clear harbor to try to find a good fishing spot near the breakwall for my cousin Redwood. TIP: Drive through NFTA HARBOR to gain access to the boat ramp at Gallagher beach. Otherwise, you park on the street and have to carry your gear.

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The water was like glass as we paddled toward the outer harbor. You could see right to the bottom. Schools of minnows and the occasional fish creeping across the rocks kept us company. We made it out to where the walls split and broke out the gear near a fishing boat. This was the Redwoods first time in a kayak so when he dropped his line, we anxiously waited for him to flip on his first bite. Becca and I circled the wall and found a great spot to dry dock our boats and relax.

We set up camp across from the outer harbor overlooking the downtown skyline. We brought a picnic lunch and watched Redwood troll up and down the wall looking for the sweet spot. A pair of geese looked on as we explored the area. We saw hand size crayfish walking along the bottom and uninterested bass laughing at Redwood’s multiple attempts to catch them. He bemoaned the worms left in the truck as they would have been a game changer.

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After a couple of hours we policed our area (removed refuse), said goodbye to our feathered neighbors who had watched our every move, and headed back to Gallagher Beach. We cut across the bay and skimmed the shoreline. The upgrades and green space along Lake Erie and the Buffalo River remind me of a Burgeoning Mission Bay in San Diego. Along with Mutual Riverfront Park and the Ohio St. launch, Gallagher Beach helps bring the waterfront to life. We cruised on to the beach with Josh leading the charge after his refreshing nap on the kayak. We secured our canoe and kayaks and headed out just before the rain started.  Redwood never flipped, but we have all summer


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One Comment on “Lunch On The Break Wall! Sounds Cool Doesn’t It!”

  1. Autumn May 16, 2014 at 10:38 pm #

    It’d be nice if they fixed the old walkway past the Peace Bridge, to the wall.

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