We Came, We Ate, We Drank!


My family on the blue bench, and buddy Rob in the white shirt!

Yesterday Buffalo turned into New Orleans, as temperatures rose to over 85 degrees, and the humidity was out of control. Only one way to counteract, that! Head down to Larkin Square for some cold beers, and seriously good food being served up by over fifteen food trucks!

My family and a good friend of ours headed down just to beat the heat, and get some sun around 5:30, just as the event was starting. Within 20 minutes the Square was packed full of people, perusing which food item they would like. Their were trucks that had BBQ (R &R), Gourmet Hot Dogs (Frank’s), Gelato (Sweet Melody’s), Sliders (Knight Slider), Perogi’s (Betty Crockski), Tacos (Llyod’s) and more than I can mention.

20140513_190248As we settled on the lawn, with our beers, and soda, we decided which fare we’d like and headed to our respective lines. I opened at Knight Slider, where I ordered a Kitt Slider – Parmesan and Crumbled Blue Cheese and Bacon, and a order of fresh cut fries with Parsley, Lemon Zest and Sea Salt. Yeah it didn’t last long.

My son, a very finicky eater, ordered a Meatball Hoagie to die for, with Basil, and Ricotta from the Meatball Truck. Yeah I’m not making that up! In between bites he ran around the with what seemed to be tons of kids, which impressed me even more. The fact that it’s such a family friendly event makes Food Truck Tuesday’s even more appealing to everyone in Western New York. They even have great seating and live music going practically the whole time we were there.

My wife settled on The Whole Hog, and ordered their Mac & Cheese, as well as a Cuban. It wasn’t a traditional Cuban in that it doesn’t have pickles, instead replaced with Jalapeno’s and Caramelized Onion’s. Didn’t matter much to her! The heat of those Jalapeno’s was a bit much for me, but good thing we had plenty on Rusty Chains to dowse the fire in my mouth.

20140513_183816My buddy Rob, decided on Betty Crocksi, one of the largest lines we saw by far. I bought a Betty’s Bite, a mocha brownie, infused with orange zest for dessert! It was amazing, and Rob decided on the sausage and perogi’s. Which were confirmed to be excellent, as Rob wolfed them down in under a couple minutes.

We finished our fare, and decided that it was getting awfully crowed. A retreat would be necessary, and besides it was getting to be bed time for our 5-year old. We packed up, hit the car and were on our way out. Everyone, even my son agreed, we would be back again next week. Hey there’s more trucks to check out anyways.




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