Blue4Ben’s Benjamin Sauer Loses His Battle With Cancer.

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Benjamin Sauer united a whole city, suddenly, and in a very viral way. The Blue4Ben campaign to raise awareness of the struggles of a five year old boy, diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer exploded all over the Western New York area. Posts all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, moved quickly into a out pouring of support from all of Western New York. It even turned the Peace Bridge Blue for a night, in support of Ben.

The Posts that Ben’s mother made, were sometimes difficult to read, and heartbreaking. Which made them even more powerful, as it showed a glimpse into parents worst fear. They could be heartwarming as in talking about minor victories of the day, and heart wrenching when showing how two loving parents are dealing with the very real loss of their child.

Sadly last night though Ben lost his battle with cancer, and the city lost something that brought us all together. The outpouring of support for the family has been swift, and in these times I hope residents of Buffalo will see a larger purpose here. This is a opportunity for residents to remember the children that still sit in Roswell, with a slim chance at hope. Or others that have lost their battle with cancer. In all honestly almost one in two will contract some form, or know someone that will contract a form of cancer.

Even though most of us will be touched by cancer at some point in lives, it doesn’t have to be without a fight. Today Ben is gone, but the fight to beat cancer will remain for time to come. Unless we come together to do something about it, the same way a community reached out to help a little five year old boy.

There will be a service for Ben at 11 a.m. Saturday at The Chapel at Crosspoint in Getzville. All other arrangements will be private.




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