Food Truck Tuesday’s Are Back! @ Larkin Square!

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Food Truck Tuesday is a phenomenon that is in major metropolitan cities such as Phoenix, Austin, and San Diego. Did you know that Buffalo has a FDTuesday as well? It does, the tradition here started last May, and is now a highly anticipated event. During the rest of Spring, and throughout the Summer most of Buffalo’s Food Trucks will be located over in the Larkin Square area of the city. If you haven’t had the chance to get down there yet, I suggest you do. It has a refurbished gas station that provides lunch daily from 11-3, The Larkin Filling Station. It also hosts Live at Larkin Wednesday concerts and the Larkin Square Author Series. But the Food Truck Tuesday event should exceed expectations this year!

There are over 15 Food Trucks in the Western New York area, just five years ago there were none! The FT
phenomenon has swept over Western New York primarily because we love food here! The choices range from an Upscale Taco Truck (Llyod’s), Polish Fare (Betty Crocksi), Mini Gourmet Burgers (Knight Slider), and BBQ (Whole Hog) to die for! I sampled quite a few last year, and seriously was impressed with the fare. Tuesdays will include live music, wine and beer at the grill cart, and will feature lots of those Food Trucks. Here are some of those trucks, see the whole list at the bottom!

  • Llyod’s Taco Truck – Is Buffalo’s first official Food Truck! Their Their mission is to bring legitimate street food to Buffalo by offering affordable yet incredibly tasty takes on tacos and burritos. They use meat that is antibiotics or hormone free, the way nature intended.


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  • Betty's

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    Betty Crocksi – Started by two of coolest girls I know, this is authentic Polish cuisine! Buffalo has a very large Polish community here, and we love our Perogi’s. These girls use traditional flavors and modern techniques to create new Polish soul food.  

  • The Whole Hog – The Whole Hog is about supporting local agriculture. They use meat from a heritage farm where the animals are raised humanely and slaughtered the same way. They also support local farms by purchasing seasonal green, vegetables and fruits. 

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  • Amy’s Truck – Named after the iconic Buffalo restaurant Amy’s Place! This truck is run by former cook Amanda Amico, and she stays true to her roots. Making their famous Lentil-Berry, Margie, and Biff sandwiches, as well as the Vegan dishes they’re so well-known for.

Hungry yet? Check out Food Truck Tuesday’s and bring your appetite.




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