One Word Describes Buffalo! Busy!


In the last 35 years that I’ve lived in the Western New York area, we’ve seen our population go from 350,000 thousand people to just under 220,000 people. Over that time span we have also seen loss of major Industrial Industries, a Control board from Albany, corruption in our local government, and a stagnant economy. In the last 10 years though things have changed, new development, removal of the Control Board, and lots of economic investment from downstate the likes of which most Buffalonian’s have never seen!

Construction at Roswell for UB2020 /courtesy of the

Construction at Roswell for UB2020 /courtesy of the

That said I have to say, I’m impressed with how much development we’re seeing in the City of Buffalo. With the new Canal side Development, UB 2020’s development by Roswell, The Trico complex renovations, and now this new 750 million dollar, Clean Energy project going in the old Republic Steel site in Lackawanna. I’ve been wondering for years, when that eyesore would finally be replaced with something! Time Warner Cable purchased the old Sheean Hospital Site and put their local Headquarters there, IBM is bringing 500 jobs to Buffalo in a recent announcement. Finally the old Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital in going to house upscale senior living, retail stores, and restaurants with a 63 Million Dollar price tag! It’s really been forever since anything of this magnitude has happened here.

Recently we were also named the number 2 rated relocation area in America. Our housing prices have remained steady during our recent housing crisis, which means it’s still really affordable to purchase here. We have a huge influx of jobs in the field of medicine. Construction of new homes is on the rise, and it seems that some East Side development may be coming soon! I couldn’t be more excited for a city that’s had to watch our families leave for the sake of better jobs, and better a way of life somewhere else for so long! Here’s hoping that we can keep this up!

Gates Circle renedering by Caternbury Woods/ Courtesy of the Buffalo News

Gates Circle rendering by Canterbury Woods/ Courtesy of the Buffalo News



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