City Of Night is happening

City of Night! What Is It You Ask? Let Me Tell You!


This blog was written last year after the City of Night Festival on August 17th, 2013. Read on to find out what an amazing event this was!

Josh 1
My buddy Josh McMahon enjoy the crazy art at City Of Night!

This past August 17th in Downtown Buffalo’s First Ward, the Second Annual Silo City was heald in the Old Grain Elevators, down off Ohio Street. The night was basically a free reign to walk through, and enjoy something that most people have never had the chance see up close and personal. The event thrown by The Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo (ELAB) was a come one come all chance to drink great craft beer, and see some of Buffalo’s Finest artists, and walk through a old section of Buffalo that’s been relegated to the Interstate 190 as an eyesore.

City Of night 2Well not after this event, after speaking to Chris Sasiadek of the City of Night about the Craft Beer that ran out, he said “We initially thought we’d get 7,000 people, we believe that we had more like 14,000″. That number is incredible and so was the DJ Booth, Live Music Stage, and most importantly the Art! Some of Buffalo’s best and brightest stars were out decking out the silos with they creations. In as many words, this was a Rocking Party in a place that most of those 14,000 people have never been. Organizers, as well as Event goers stated that their were little to no incidents whatsoever, over the course of the night (the party started at 6 and went till 2 in the morning) it became a Facebook phenomenon in Buffalo.

Most people there, took to social media to get the word out, and it is that fact that allowed for a considerably larger turnout. Hope is that they will put together another event for the upcoming Fall, however that may have to wait till next year. Logistics for planning an event like this, are usually an enormous undertaking, either way this


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