What's Going On In Buffalo?

What's Going On In Buffalo!

Bars stay open till 4am! Buf-VELO and My City Brew Talks Kickstarter

  http://traffic.libsyn.com/whatsgoingoninbuffalo/WgoinBuffalo_20160204.mp3 – Our first call in guest EVER!! We talked with Jonah from My City Brew Kickstarter, and then with Andy from Bufvelo Bicycle Delivery (400 lbs….. nuff said), & finished up with Bars in Buffalo staying open till a ridiculous time, or not. Depends on your point of view!

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WGOIBuffalo Podcast: Buffalo Golden Gloves with Don Patterson & Some QCRG talk with The Librawlian!

http://traffic.libsyn.com/whatsgoingoninbuffalo/wgoin_20160129_final.mp3   We sat down with the President of Buffalo’s Golden Gloves  Don Patterson, at Riverworks! Right before the semi-finals of the Local Golden Gloves tournament. Then the irrepressible Queen City Roller Girls, Librawlian sat in to discuss the upcoming season! Enjoy Buffalo!

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Kickstart Rumble’s Raucous First Release

These are dark times for America. Everything that we once held true is now seemingly under attack from one direction or another – or sometimes all of them at once. There are a few things that Americans still hold dear. Apple pie and baseball may no longer hold sway over the amber waves of grain, […]

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Buffalo Bills: 2015 Post-Mortem

For anyone that follows me regularly, I apologize for being silent for the last several weeks of the season. Unfortunately, the Bills loss to Jacksonville took away any hope I had that this was finally “the year.” I titled this piece a “Post-Mortem” because of what we watched happen on the field this year. If […]

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16 Years & Counting……

This past year we expected more of the Buffalo Bills. A LOT MORE! Rex promised playoffs at his opening press conference so long ago, and I for one believed him. We had just come off a 9-7 season and had a defense that looked like a version of those great Bills teams from the 90’s.  […]

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Buffalo Bills Week 7: The Attack of EJ

There was a game checked off on my calendar as a win. A perennial failure like the Bills with a mediocre quarterback and offense. A place where our former head coach and offensive coordinator are nothing more than assistants. Yes, I’m talking about Sunday’s Bills vs Jaguars game. Many Bills fans are focused on the […]

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